Message from the spaceport!

Hi everyone, this is your captain speaking! 👨‍✈️

As you already know, FBL registration is going to open in a few days. I hope you’re all as excited I am to join this incredible adventure!

Our control tower informs me that because of a slightly strange virus that hit Earth, there are some modifications in the way registrations will work this year. I’ll let the crew members explain it to you:

  • The booking of your hotel room will be made at a different date from your FBL registration.
  • The special booking link will be available on the registration site at the same place as usual, after payment of your ticket.
  • You will be kept informed through our social networks and Telegram announcement channels.
  • Do not try to book your room by yourself without the special link.
  • Don’t panic: the hotel is big enough to accommodate everyone!
  • Any questions? We’re here to help you! Contact us on

Thank you for your attention!

Until we take off, this nasty virus will probably be just a bad memory, so don’t worry! However, don’t forget: stay safe at home, take care of yourself, and don’t forget to wash those dirty paws! Space dust is not allowed on board! 🧼

It was your captain, over.