The FBL is your first furry convention? Wondering what it may look like? This page is for you! The “Anglo-Saxon” furry conventions are very different from the “Japanese-style” conventions that are common in the French-speaking countries of the old continent (Japan Expo, Polymanga, Made In Asia, …).

The biggest and most important difference is that a furry convention takes place mainly in the meeting / concert halls of the hotel which hosts the majority of the participants of the convention. After registering with the hotel reception, you can check-in with the “Convention Operations” (or “Con-Ops”) who will give you your attendee badge, a precious pass that will give you access to almost all the rooms where the activities of the convention take place, as well as your goodies.

Unlike japanime / geek culture conventions, the commercial aspect, even if it is also present, occupies here only a minor part and much more artisanal. The “Dealers’ Den” consists exclusively of furries artists who sell their creations (commissions, boards, paintings, books, decorative objects, clothing, etc.) and its availability does not cover the whole convention.

But don’t worry, the convention staff is there to help you feel at home and help you enjoy your first furry convention! We all hope that you will find everything you want and have a great time at the FBL!

The Frequently Asked Questions

When will the FBL 2020 take place?
The 2020 edition of the FBL will take place from 29 October to 1st November, 2020.

When will it be possible to register for the FBL 2020?
Registration will be open from 28 March to 30 September 2020. More info on the dedicated page.

Are minors accepted at FBL?
No. To attend the FBL, you must be at least 18 years of age on the first day of the convention, even if accompanied.

How much does it cost to register for FBL?
Rates vary depending on the date you make the payment. The Sponsor option is extra for 30€. The room is not included and is to be paid separately. More info on the dedicated page.

Are there any day passes to participate in the FBL?
Yes, day passes are available for purchase on Friday and Saturday. They are to be collected at the con-ops desk on the day of their validity between 9am and 11am. They are valid until the end of the dance on the chosen day. More info on the dedicated page.

Can I pay on site?
No. For security reasons as well as staff, we do not make any payment on site. Entrance fees must be honored before the closing date of registrations via the dedicated online site for your participation to be taken into account.

Where does the money go?
More than half of the budget is used to pay for the rental of the convention space, the sound and light show as well as the remuneration of the right-holders for music played during dances and other musical events. The rest is used to buy the goodies packages (standard and sponsor), buy and maintain the equipment of the association and keep a reserve to pay the deposit for the reservation of rooms for the following year. The FBL Staff, Safety and Crew teams are all made up of volunteers!

Why don’t you also manage room reservation?
For us, that would be a lot of extra cash flow work. For you, it would mean you would have to pay for the room at the time of registration. We therefore prefer to allow you to book and pay for the room separately.

What is the content of the standard package?
The standard package includes the FBL 2020 access badge (which gives you access to all areas of the hotel reserved to attendees), the FBL 2020 conbook, a neckband and badge holder, an FBL 2020 button badge, a sticker, and a pair of noise-reducing earplugs (for dance parties).

What are the bonuses included in the Sponsor option?
The Sponsor option, in addition to the standard package, includes a 2019 FBL collector t-shirt, a Sponsor collector button badge, a Sponsor lanyard, your name in the conbook “thanks” page and an assortment of candies.

Can I get a refund for my entry?
No. Packages and options are not refundable, but transferable. Both people should contact the Registration team using the contact form.