COVID-19, update!

Hello? Hello? Is it working?

Greetings my dear traveling companions! This is your captain speaking!

I hope you’re doing well, despite the well-known virus that continues to bother us in our daily lives… For this reason, I have some information to share with you about our future trip!

  • First of all, the global situation still has plenty of time to evolve (positively!), so I can confirm that our trip is currently maintained!
  • Our ship will not be able to accommodate more than 500 attendees this year. (There are still a lot of free seats, but better be safe than sorry!)
  • In case of any modifications, you will of course be notified as soon as possible, especially if you have already paid your credits to the IB (Intergalactic Bank).
  • About room reservations in our space hotel: we are still waiting for the validation from our hosts: we want to be sure that everything is ready for you to make a reservation without any problem. Keep an eye on our announcement channels and social networks!
  • I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that hotel bookings can be changed free of charge up to 48 hours before your arrival, as long as you use the special FBL link. (Payment will only be made on site).

Any questions? Any doubts? Sudden motion sickness? The whole crew is at your disposal on our contact page or on our networks!

And because we never say it enough: take care!!
See you soon!