500 passengers? The ship is already full?

As you may have noticed, we have reached, and even exceeded, 500 attendees for the Furry BlackLight 2021! This means that we had to stop registration for this year, and as a result, we have been asked several questions.

So here’s a special mini-FAQ to help you see more clearly! 🧐

Why can’t I buy a ticket anymore?

For the 2021 edition, in order to respect security rules and for the comfort of our attendees and volunteers, we have chosen to limit the number of tickets to 500. This means that it is currently no longer possible to buy a ticket through the FBL “reg” site for the 2021 edition.

How can I still come? Are there any exceptions?

A ticket is mandatory to attend FBL. Ticket exchanges are still possible. If you are joining one of the recruiting teams and do not yet have a ticket, an exception may also be made (see our recruiting page).

How to resell/exchange/buy back a ticket?
  1. You must find a person who wants to resell/buy a ticket.
  2. The two participants arrange the payment between themselves.
  3. Each of the two people must then independently contact the Registration team via the contact form so that the transfer between the buyer’s account and the reseller’s account can be done.
  4. Make sure to check your ticket/email status to know if the transfer is complete!

If you need help finding someone looking to resell/buy back a ticket, feel free to ask on our Telegram channels! You’ll find the links at the bottom of the website 😉

Can I still edit my registration?

If you already have your ticket, you can still change some information/details, such as your badge picture or your address, until 2 October 2021. Simply go to the registration website, log in to your account, click on your name, and choose “Registration”.
Please note that for other types of changes (adding the sponsor option for example), it will be necessary to contact the Registration team.
On the Hyatt side, any modification related to the hotel reservation can be done directly on their website or by calling the reception. It is also possible to contact us if you need help.

Will the limit of 500 participants be valid for future editions of the FBL?

At the moment, this limit is only planned for 2021, in order to welcome you in the best conditions despite the COVID-19 and to organise our teams as well as possible.

If you want to help us develop the FBL and discover the convention in a new way, please have a look at our recruitment page! We also always have a few surprises for the people who help us, thank you! 💜