Dealers’ Den

You want a new item for your furry collections ? This is the right place !


Our DJs will make you move, time to party hard !

Dance Contest

The time has come to see who’s got the best moves and who can shake their tails the best! All attendees are welcome to come and encourage the contenders of FBL’s Annual Fursuit Dance Competition. Who will be declared this year’s best fursuit dancer ? Maybe you ?

Opening Ceremony

Join us for the official start to Furry Black Light 2019, with last minute announcements and other interesting tidbits. Time to drink some potions and cast spells !

Closing Ceremony

Time to say goodbye. But don’t cry, we have some good news for next year !

Win a Fursuit

Your annual chance to win a fursuit ! Come in and cross your fingers/paws/hooves ! Will you be the lucky one tonight ? Yeah, no kidding, one of your will leave the event with a brand new fursuit 😉

Artist Lounge

Come draw and exchange ideas and techniques between artists in this workshop reccurent open to all, every night and during the day on Sunday. Please keep the overall noise level as low as possible to stay respectful of the comfort of others.

Fursuit Lounge

Refresh and refill ! Our Garuda system will take care of your fursuit head and body.

Retro Gaming

Are you nostalgic for the games of you childhood ? You did not have the opportunity to fight with the difficulty of these ? This is the right place 😉

SSBU Tournament

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament. Who will be the best contender ?

Just Dance

Just Dance Game. Hosted by Luuwaku, fill free to join and follow the moves

Fursuit Twister

Are you an expert of twister ? Can you resist the sadism of our referees ?

Furry Olympics

Games for everyone ! Enjoy 😉

Cats in boxes

It is well known that felines love boxes, so come and enjoy the 2019 FBL boxes collection for the demanding felines.

Epic Kaijū Battles

If you think you are the biggest macrofur or if you find that this city is too small for two giant monsters, come and participate in this meet’n’greet for oversized fursonas! And if one or two buildings were to collapse, we wouldn’t say anything, we promise!


For all fans of inflatable accessories and giant creatures. Show off your new acquisitions and take the opportunity to take some photos with the fursuiters. Please respect the belongings of others, no jumping or other excessively abrupt reactions with the fragile material. Thank you.

Group Photos

Two photos will be done. One for fursuiters and one for everyone.

Panel hosting

Do you want to host a panel on a theme that is important to you? Fill out one of the forms in the paragraph “Propose a panel” on this page to submit your proposal! Whether in one of our Panel Rooms or on the Main Stage, remember that the FBL is for you but also by you!

Why do this? This allows us to centralize all applications and registrations in the same place and it simplifies the work of our teams, rather than having multiple traces on different mediums and having to play a treasure hunt to cross the information.

IMPORTANT: For most of our forms, you will need your FBL # 8 badge number. The latter is communicated to you in the 3rd automatic email sent to you during the registration process.

Complete planning of the FBL # 8 under preparation.

FBL #8 Dealers’ Den

Plan and Dealers List of the Dealers’ Den of the FBL # 8 under preparation.

You want to book a table in the Dealers’ Den of the FBL # 8? Fill out this form which contains all the important information about the DD for the exhibitors: [FBL 2019 Dealers’ Den Application [EN]]

IMPORTANT: Forms are processed between 1 to 2 times a week. Thank you for your patience.

FBL#8 Fursuit Dance Contest

The fursuit dance contest of the FBL returns this year! Come out on the dancefloor in front of the audiance and our jury to try to win the prize! You want to participate in the competition or just for fun? Register solo or with your team via the form below!
[FBL 2019 Fursuit Dance Contest Application [EN]]

IMPORTANT: Forms are processed between 1 to 2 times a week. Thank you for your patience.

Propose a panel

If you want to hold a panel in one of our Panel Rooms during FBL # 8, fill out this form:
[FBL 2019 Panel Application [EN]]

If you want to hold an event in the Main Stage during FBL # 8, fill out this form:
[FBL 2019 Main Stage Event Application [EN]] ]

If you are a DJ and want to perform your set during the FBL #8, fill out this form
[FBL 2019 DJ Application [EN]]

All panel, event and DJ applications close on August 24th, 2019.

IMPORTANT: Forms are processed between 1 to 2 times a week. Thank you for your patience.

Want to help ?

Would you like to help the FBL for its current edition and / or the following? Here is a collection of forms to apply in the different sectors where we gladly accept help.

Safety: [FBL 2019 Safety Application [EN]]

Con-Ops: [FBL 2019 Con-Ops Volunteer Application [EN]]

IT / Communication (only available in French):
[FBL 2020 Volontaire IT/Com [FR]]

IMPORTANT: Forms are processed between 1 to 2 times a week. Thank you for your patience.