Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


By checking the corresponding box during registration process, you agree to the following code. If you do not agree with this code, please do not register. A paper copy of these rules will be initialed and signed on site.

Any forbidden behavior can lead to a permanent ban.

Any action or behavior likely to cause interferences with the event’s organization, an excessive discomfort for the other participants, or likely to hurt Anthrofur’s relationship with their clients, grounds, or the public are strictly forbidden and can lead to an expulsion or, in more serious cases, a permanent ban from the event.

No refunds will be made of the convention fees or the hotel fees in the case of an expulsion.

This global rule surpasses any of the following rules and can be invoked at any time :

  • Be respectful of others.
  • You are responsible for any damage you cause.
  • You must strictly follow instructions given by members of staff or by the event’s security personnel.
  • Bullying or harassment, be it physical, moral, as a criminal offence, will not be tolerated.
  • Be aware that we share the public spaces of the hotel and the activity spots. Help us give a good image of the fandom in France !
  • You must wear decent clothing. We reserve the right to refuse an outfit and request you to change to something more appropriate. Collars with leash, collars with spikes, strangling collars, bracelets with spikes, bracelets with D-Rings, handcuffs, harnesses (except part of a fursuit outfit), all very tight outfits that strongly suggest the intimates (spandex, lycra, latex) and nudity (partial or full) are forbidden. Do not hesitate to ask if you’re not sure or don’t know.
  • Sexual behaviors are not allowed in public.
  • The display of adult material is not allowed (NSFW art, fetish gear (pup-play, age-play, and BDSM), full-body rubber, latex and vinyl costumes).
  • Drugs and dangerous objects are not permitted and can lead to a ban as well as a report to the local authorities.
  • Owning and using products with a vague legal status, which may lead to litigation between the public services and the organizing entity, will be prohibited at the discretion of the organizing team.
  • Speech in any form that promotes or encourage discrimination, harassment, or violence based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion or nationality is strictly prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to wear, display or otherwise propagate symbols of forbidden organizations according to the article R645-1 of the French Penal Code or symbols relating to groups associated with the “alt furry” movement.


  • You must be at least 18 years of age the first day of the event.
  • You will need to show a valid ID to the con-ops before obtaining you con badge at the start of the convention. Accepted IDs are : national identity card, driving license (french or european), passport (national or european).
  • The activities of the event are only open to participants that are registered and have paid their registration fully.
  • A con badge is valid one year only for the person it has been assigned for and cannot be shared.
  • Con badges must be shown or given back to a member of staff on demand.
  • It is forbidden to alter the badge’s information.


  • Do not be too noisy in the corridors or your room. Respect those who sleep! All discomfort caused will meet a penalty.
  • Measures will be taken by the hotel and Anthrofur to evict troublemakers.
  • The number of room guests must be respected. Any proven attempt at “room ghosting” (residing in a room of the hotel without having declared themselves beforehand at the reception) would result in a permanent ban of the convention for all the occupants of the room in addition to the sanctions taken by the hotel hosting the convention.
  • You must clear your room no later than 12 PM on your checck-out day.
  • Although the hotel allows pets, we ask that you don’t bring them with you for security and safety reasons.
  • Fireworks, fire breathing and firecrackers are forbidden.
  • In compliance with French law, smoking and vaping is strictly forbidden inside the hotel and in direct vicinity of the front entrance.
  • For safety reasons, it is forbidden to obstruct emergency exits, blocks doors, tamper with or move fire extinguishers.
  • Respect green areas (they are not a giant trash can or ashtray !). Trash must be placed in trash bags.
  • Non-compliance with these rules of procedure can lead to financial penalties.
  • You may not carry any weapons anywhere on the premises of the hotel at any time. All weapon look-alike and replicas must be approved immediately after your registration on site by the FBL Safety Team.
  • The hotel and Anthrofur cannot be held responsible for theft or degradation on vehicles parked in the parking lot.
  • Balloon inflating can be done with non flammable gas.
  • The consumption of food and drinks brought from outside are forbidden in the common areas of the hotel.
  • Please give priority to the fursuiters using the lifts.


  • Rooms are rented with equipment. This equipment is put to our disposal and shall not be moved.
  • We must return the equipment non-deteriorated. Failure to do so will result in repair fees for you.

Fursuit Lounge

  • We cannot be held responsible for objects left in the lounge, even with our multiple surveillance. Any object you own is under your responsability.
  • The lounge will have opening and closing hours. You must take all your belongings before its final closing.

Photos / Videos

  • Anthrofur reserves all the rights on photos and videos taken during the event, either you are a member of this even tor not. Any media publication of photos, videos, texts, or any other material, can only be done with a prrior authorization from Anthrofur. You are of course allowwed to use your own pictures and videos to private and non commercial ends. Drones are forbidden.
  • Videos and photos can be used by the official team if agreed to, but will not generate you any revenue. By registering, you agree that your image appears during all publiic activities, with no reserve. We cannot be held responsible of you appearing on videos or photos taken by non-team members. It is your job to be careful and warn the photographer/videomaker.
  • Fursuiters, do not take your head off during group photos, or in public spaces. Except for medical emergencies, in the Fursuit lounge, or at the demand of a staff member.

By registering for the FBL, the participant accepts these rules and will have to initial it and sign it to get their badge on site on presentation of a valid ID.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all participants of the FBL.

Registration and payment

  • The FBL staff reserves the right to refuse a registration request to its own discretion and without having to communicate a justification.
  • To participate to the event, you must register online through the intended online platform. Any registration made without this platform will be null and void.
  • We only accept payments via PayPal, and credit cards via PayPal only, for now. No on-site registration or payments.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age on the first day of the event.
  • Registration are non-refundable. They can nevertheless be transferred. Please use our contact form for more information.
  • The hotel room must be booked independently from your event registration. Please contact our staff for any question/problem.

Private Data

  • Your private data will be processed with the utmost confidentiality and in compliance with the French law on data protection.
  • We will not communicate your personal data to any third parties, unless obliged by law.
  • You agree to receiving emails regarding the processing of your registration and payments, as well as possible annoucements about the upcoming event. We will never send you emails that are not related to the Furry Blacklight.
  • You acknowledge that Furry Blacklight is a public event and that you will be asked to wear your personal con badge visibly, anywhere, anytime of the convention.
  • Be aware that you or your nickname can be displayed in publications relative to the Furry Blacklight (Photos, videos, social network posts, etc…)

Dealers’ Den

  • The FBL Staff reserves the right to refuse a Dealer table to anyone for any reason.
  • The FBL Staff reserve the right to prohibit the sale of any item they deem inappropriate at any time, shut down a table, or make other requests with which you must comply, without refund or compensation.
  • Anthrofur only provide space for dealers, and are not responsible for any business between attendees and dealers. As such, Anthrofur will not get involved in any disputes between attendees and dealers.
  • The Dealers’ Den management does not tolerate abuse of any staff/crew  members or other dealers. Any such incidents may result in you being removed from the Den, without refund or compensation.
  • Dealers must not actively sell or solicit trade at any location within the hotel or grounds other than the Dealers’ Den without explicit permission from the Anthrofur Chairman.
  • We would strongly advise you be ready, and at your table in time for the initial opening of  the Dealers’ Den – if you have not taken your space by midday, we reserve the right to pass your table to other interested parties without any notification.
  • Please refrain from activities that might distract or disrupt other dealers.
  • Keep pathways clear – your main areas for storage are under your table. No-one should be sat in front of your table.
  • Dealers are responsible for keeping the area around their table(s) clean and tidy at all times and must ensure that all rubbish has been put in the bins provided when tearing down their table(s).
  • The use of photographic and video recording equipment is prohibited.
  • Anthrofur accepts no responsibility for any property which is lost, stolen or damaged during the convention, unless caused by our own negligence.
  • We would prefer that only furry merchandise be sold in the Dealers’ Den, though generally related items, such as Anime, are fine.
  • We cannot allow the sale of food or beverages by dealers in the Dealers’ Den, though you can put a bowl of free sweets out on your table.
  • A note will be made of any dealer found to be consistently breaking any of these rules, for future reference.
  • If you are in any doubt about any of these rules, please contact the Dealers’ Den staff before the convention and we will try to help you out.

Telegram Channels Code of Conduct

1 – Don’t be stupid…
2 – Apply common sense
3 – Keep it PG-13, no NSFW material of any sort.
4 – In case of causing drama, we will take actions against all involved parties.
5 – Keep it civilized; no hate-speech, no harassment, no insults, nothing illegal.
6 – Don’t spam. Neither stickers nor GIFs nor memes nor pictures. You’ll be kicked without warning if you do.
7 – Piracy and links following to sites used for Piracy will not be tolerated.
8 – Check the main language of the channel you’re in. Keep all the chatter in the dedicated language of the channel.
9 – Advertisement is OK once a day to avoid spam. Too frequent advertisement for the same thing will be treated as spam.

If you got any questions regarding the rules please ask the moderator team first.