Attending FBL

You can attend the FBL in two ways, with the Full Pass (with or without the Sponsor option) or the Day Tickets (Friday and Saturday only). Access to the FBL and the proposed activities is only possible upon prior registration BEFORE 30 September 2019 midnight. Online registration on our dedicated website is mandatory, regardless of the type of membership chosen. Memberships are non-refundable but can be exchanged upon request to the staff of the FBL. There is no ticket sale on site. The opening date of registrations will be communicated later.

Full Pass – Price: 50 € (before 1st May 2019) – 60 € (from 1st May 2019 to 31st August 2019) – 80€ (from 1st to 30th September 2019)

The Full Pass gives you access to all the activities on offer during the FBL from October 31 to November 3, 2019. The Full Pass Package includes:

  • your personal badges FBL 2019 (required to access the FBL placeholder);
  • the official convention booklet (called Conbook) of the FBL 2019, including the planning, the detailed description of all the activities and sumptuous illustrations on the theme of the convention
  • the official “FBL 2019 attendee” lanyard
  • the official FBL 2019 button bad
  • and a pair of earplugs to enjoy the dance evenings safely.

Sponsor option: + 30 € (to be added to the price of the Full Pass)

The Sponsor option, complementary to the Full Pass and completely optional, gives you access to the following goodies to thank you for your generosity, in addition to the Pass Complete package:

  • the official FBL 2019 t-shirt;
  • your name in the “thanks” page in the Conbook
  • the FBL 2019 collector button badge reserved for sponsor
  • the exclusive “sponsor” lanyard (replaces the “attendee” version)
  • and a bag of treats.

Day ticket – 25 € / day

Day tickets are another way to attend the FBL. These memberships give you access to the content of the FBL for the selected day(s) from 9am until the end of the last official activity of the day. The Day Tickets are only available for the days of Friday 1st November and Saturday 2nd November 2019, subject to availability (as long as the total number of attendees does not exceed the maximum number of guests allowed in the convention area). The purchase of the Day Tickets will be open a few months before the start of the FBL.