About the event

The Fursuit Blacklight is a private event created by the Anthrofur (independent association under the law of 1901). Anthrofur was founded in 2014 with a growing number of participants each year since. The goal is to gather a large number of cartoons, anthropomorphic arts and fursuit fans around different activities.

Making a donation to the association will allow us to make our gatherings better, invest in equipment for the staff, provide official t-shirts and many other things. A big thanks to all of you who participate and help us move forward in our projects.

The FBL Team


  • Illustration Header : El Bestia
  • Photos : Murrpy
  • Photos : Tangohusky

A few figures…

FBL ​7 (2018)
265 registered including 110 fursuits
4 days gathering

FBL ​6 (2017)
150 registered including 64 fursuits
New convention hotel Mercure.
Added a fursuit lounge, 3 days gathering

FBL ​5 “Give me five !” (2016)
90 registered including 42 fursuits
Added a dance night
3 days event

FBL 4 “Play” (2015)
66 registered including 28 fursuits
Added bowling and video games activities

FBL 3 “Level 3” (2014)
34 registered including 14 fursuits
Added an hotel
2 days event

FBL 2 “Revenge” (2013)
27 people, 1 day event

FBL 1 (2013)
17 people
1 day gathering in honor of Hai, a German fur