Registrations open !

The time has come, registrations for FBL 2018 are open ! Below, you will find everything you need to register and book a room.

FBL 2018 Registration Website

FBL2018 by Grou

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Step 1 : Account creation
Create your account on the FBL registration website and confirm your email address.

Step 2 : FBL 2018 registration
Fill-in the registration form. Fields marked with a * are mandatory. Once your application is validated, editing almost any field will require you to contact the registration staff using the contact page on the registration website.
Please note : this year’s badges pictures will be large sized, please provide a badge pic within the required size to get an optimal quality badge.

Step 3 : Validation
Validation are processed manually by staff members, you will receive an email once your registration is validated.

Step 4 : Payment
Once your registration is confirmed, you can proceed to payment. Registration fees are progressives : the sooner you pay, the better the price.

FBL 2018 registration fees:
April : 35€
May – June : 40€
July – August : 45€
September – Mid-October : 50€

The Black Dance entrance fee of 5€ is included. All other activities, room and food are not included and must be paid on-site.

Step 5 : Hotel
Once your registration is validated and paid, you will gain access to the room booking process. As usual, only 1 person need to book the room for all the chambered, room sharing is at your own discretion. Because of this year hotel privatization by the FBL, you can’t book a room if you don’t use the provided link and instructions on the registration website.
Like last year, we strongly advise that partying fuzzballs regroup on the 1st floor of the hotel when booking their rooms to not disturb the other attendees wanting to rest on the other floors.

For all questions about the registration, please use the contact form on the registration website.