FBL Fursuit Dance Contest!

The FBL is proud to present you its first Fursuit Dance Contest (FDC)! During two hours, come and show your dancing skills to our jury and a crowd of fluffers and compete to be the FBL Best Performing Dancer in two categories: Solo and Group Performance.

You will be judged based on style, originality and audience interaction and the top three performers in each category will be announced at the end of the show. No matter your style, come and show what you are made of!

You want to compete? Then you have to send an email to registration(at)fblacklight(dot)org using the [FBL FDC] tag in your mail subject. Make sure to provide the following informations: your name, gender (for wording purposes), country and a link to a video (Youtube, etc) representing your dancing skills. Please keep in mind that there may be a selection process (even if we don’t like to do this) if there is too much applications to fit in the time schedule of the show.

After signing up and receiving confirmation of your participation in the FDC, you will be asked a few questions about your performance and to send us a music file that you are going to dance. The music track must be around 1min30-2min long and be already pre-mixed, we can’t do mixing/editing for you.

Please note: each category judging will only take place if there is a minimum count of four contenders or groups for the competition to be fair. Unless we reach this count, category performances will be “for the show” only.

The deadline for applications to FBL Fursuit Dance Contest is the 14th of October 2018.

If you have any question regarding the FBL FDC, please send a mail to registration(at)fblacklight(dot)org using the [FBL FDC] tag in your mail subject.

FBL News Feed #2

An update about the Dealers’ Den: the FBL Dealers’ Den officially expands in space and time! It means the FBL DD will take place on Friday, November 2nd from 2PM to 7PM and on Saturday, 3rd November from 10AM to 7PM. We are also able to accommodate some more dealers’ into the den, meaning we will get everyone out of the waiting list and we will open for some more applications. We are trying to keep the DD as easy to walk around as possible. If you have any question, feel free to ask the DD staff: dealersden(at)fblacklight(dot)org

Stay tuned!

FBL News Feed #1

Nosecount : We have 219 registered attendees (183 confirmed) from 8 countries (France, Swiss, Belgium, Germany, Italy, United States, Russia and Czech republic).

Hotel : It’s full. There is no more avalaible rooms for the whole FBL duration. They can add an extremely limited amount of one person beds in some rooms. Please contact the hotel for more informations. If you don’t have a room yet : there is another hotel (Campanile La Verrière) around the FBL main hotel. Don’t forget : only 1 person need to do the room booking for all the room guests. If you made several bookings for the same room, please contact the hotel staff to cancel unwanted bookings.

Dealers’ Den : It’s full, too ! The DD Staff is working at stuffing the all the fluff inside the room [insert Tetris Type A BGM here] et they will announce this year’s dealers soon !

See you next time !

A year for small changes

Thanks to you, the FBL grows a little more each year. The FBL has reached a step where we need to do some little changes to accommodate a better venue for all of you. Here are this year changes.

From now on, you will need to provide a valid ID to get your badge form the con-ops. It is impossible for us to know personally each one of you and we will now need to check your ID before giving you your badge. We will check with the data you provided in your registration form before handing out your badge, so please double check your personal data before attending. These IDs are accepted : national ID card, driving license (France only), national or European passport (foreign countries).
For 16-17 year olds, if your legal representative does not accompany you, you will also be asked to present the original of the liability waiver that you scanned to register. We take this opportunity to remind you that this liability waiver must be completed without modification so that it is valid and so that we can welcome you safely.

This year on, the Black Dance entry fee is included in the global FBL fee for everyone, even if this appear billed separately on your invoice (for accounting reasons). This decision will make life easier for you when you register and easier for us when preparing badges.

And finally, we want to remind you that, for safety reasons, you must wear your badge at any time
during the FBL if you want to attend events.

Hotel and LaserQuest

As promised, a little statement about hotel rooms and LaserQuest sessions.

At the moment, the first LaserQuest session is full and there is 7 spots left in the second one. There is no third session planned.

First, about hotel privatization : it will be effective only if all the rooms are booked by FBL attendees (which is likely to happen).

Second, after some negociations with the hotel staff, we unlocked some more rooms at a FBL discounted rate.
1 suite ;
1 triple room ;
15 twin beds rooms (2 single beds);
25 double rooms (1 large bed) ;

And last, some reminders :
– Remember that FBL discounted breakfast is only bookable at the hotel desk the day of your arrival.
– Only one person need to book the room for his/her/their roommate(s).
– Party animals are kindly asked to book their rooms on the 1st floor of the hotel, to avoid late-night noise spreading.
– Please follow the booking instructions provided to book a room if you need to do so.

24 hours later !

All the FBL Staff wants to thank your from the bottom of our hearts for this flamboyant FBL registration kick-off ! The best one so far thanks to you all !

In just 24 hours, you are 122 registered form 5 countries, 61 fursuiters among you (epic group photo incoming!), you blew up last year’s record. You. Are. AWESOME !

In the upcoming week, we will continue to introduce you to FBL 2018 new events and we will come back really soon with a statement about hotel rooms and Laser Quest sessions.

Keep spreading the word ! Again, a big thank you everyone, you rock !

Registrations open !

The time has come, registrations for FBL 2018 are open ! Below, you will find everything you need to register and book a room.

FBL 2018 Registration Website

FBL2018 by Grou

[Art : (C) Grou]

Step 1 : Account creation
Create your account on the FBL registration website and confirm your email address.

Step 2 : FBL 2018 registration
Fill-in the registration form. Fields marked with a * are mandatory. Once your application is validated, editing almost any field will require you to contact the registration staff using the contact page on the registration website.
Please note : this year’s badges pictures will be large sized, please provide a badge pic within the required size to get an optimal quality badge.

Step 3 : Validation
Validation are processed manually by staff members, you will receive an email once your registration is validated.

Step 4 : Payment
Once your registration is confirmed, you can proceed to payment. Registration fees are progressives : the sooner you pay, the better the price.

FBL 2018 registration fees:
April : 35€
May – June : 40€
July – August : 45€
September – Mid-October : 50€

The Black Dance entrance fee of 5€ is included. All other activities, room and food are not included and must be paid on-site.

Step 5 : Hotel
Once your registration is validated and paid, you will gain access to the room booking process. As usual, only 1 person need to book the room for all the chambered, room sharing is at your own discretion. Because of this year hotel privatization by the FBL, you can’t book a room if you don’t use the provided link and instructions on the registration website.
Like last year, we strongly advise that partying fuzzballs regroup on the 1st floor of the hotel when booking their rooms to not disturb the other attendees wanting to rest on the other floors.

For all questions about the registration, please use the contact form on the registration website.

FBL 2018 – Dealers’ Den

In this first news about the brand new events of the FBL 2018, we will introduce you to the FBL Dealers’ Den.

Where and when ? The Dealers’ Den will take place in the Denver-Evanston rooms from 12pm to 2pm for the set-up (dealers only) and from 2pm to 7pm for the attendees on Friday, November the 2nd, and from 10am to 7pm on Saturday, November the 3rd, 2018 (set-up from 9am to 10am).

What can we find in a DD ? You will find tables held by the artists themselves. At their tables, you will mainly find artworks and goodies and you will be able to do business directly with the artists. A lamination service with tip trunk is discussed right now.

It’s my first time as a dealer, how does it work ? You may attend to the DD room during the set-up times. There, you will be greeted by the con-ops who will guide you to your table after you signed the DD T&C. If you have questions, feel free to ask the DD staff members, we’re here to help.
Please Note : this year, all goods inside the DD must be SFW, no exceptions.

How to apply to FBL 2018 DD as a dealer ? It’s easy. Once you register for the FBL, please send an email to the address below with the following informations :
– Nickname
– Badge number
– Main goods
– Specific needs (power, wifi, reduced mobility)
– Do you wish to share your table with another dealer ? If you do, please tell us the nickname and badge number of this person, who must be registering/registered for the DD too.
Incomplete applications won’t be processed.
Mail : dealersden(at)fblacklight(dot)org

About the table sharing option : the DD room is of quite modest size and table sharing could allow some more fellow dealers to attend to the DD, though it’s absolutely not mandatory.

About table availability and attribution process : the room only allow a dozen dealers to expose at ease. Thus, seats are rare and will be given on a First Come First Served basis this year. We will try our best to please everyone and we hope succeeding doing so.

You can find the DD T&C here :
[DD T&C.]

Brand new website for the Furry Black Light!

We’re pleased to unveil the brand new Furry Black Light website !

Here, you will find everything you need to attend to the 2018 edition of the FBL, who will take place on Nov. 1st – 4th, 2018 at the Mercure Hotel Maurepas, near Paris.

This year, we are proud to announce the complete privatization of the hotel for the duration of the convention and brand new activities for you to attend to !

Among the novelties of this edition, you will find a Dealers’ Den, an Artists’ Lounge, a dance contest and many other new events ! All these new events will be presented in the next dedicated news.

The registrations for FBL 2018 will open Sunday, April 1st, 2018 at 8pm CET ! Pricing and registration process will be revealed when the registration begins.