Hotel and LaserQuest

As promised, a little statement about hotel rooms and LaserQuest sessions.

At the moment, the first LaserQuest session is full and there is 7 spots left in the second one. There is no third session planned.

First, about hotel privatization : it will be effective only if all the rooms are booked by FBL attendees (which is likely to happen).

Second, after some negociations with the hotel staff, we unlocked some more rooms at a FBL discounted rate.
1 suite ;
1 triple room ;
15 twin beds rooms (2 single beds);
25 double rooms (1 large bed) ;

And last, some reminders :
– Remember that FBL discounted breakfast is only bookable at the hotel desk the day of your arrival.
– Only one person need to book the room for his/her/their roommate(s).
– Party animals are kindly asked to book their rooms on the 1st floor of the hotel, to avoid late-night noise spreading.
– Please follow the booking instructions provided to book a room if you need to do so.