FBL News Feed #1

Nosecount : We have 219 registered attendees (183 confirmed) from 8 countries (France, Swiss, Belgium, Germany, Italy, United States, Russia and Czech republic).

Hotel : It’s full. There is no more avalaible rooms for the whole FBL duration. They can add an extremely limited amount of one person beds in some rooms. Please contact the hotel for more informations. If you don’t have a room yet : there is another hotel (Campanile La Verrière) around the FBL main hotel. Don’t forget : only 1 person need to do the room booking for all the room guests. If you made several bookings for the same room, please contact the hotel staff to cancel unwanted bookings.

Dealers’ Den : It’s full, too ! The DD Staff is working at stuffing the all the fluff inside the room [insert Tetris Type A BGM here] et they will announce this year’s dealers soon !

See you next time !