FBL 2018 – Dealers’ Den

In this first news about the brand new events of the FBL 2018, we will introduce you to the FBL Dealers’ Den.

Where and when ? The Dealers’ Den will take place in the Denver-Evanston rooms from 12pm to 2pm for the set-up (dealers only) and from 2pm to 7pm for the attendees on Friday, November the 2nd, and from 10am to 7pm on Saturday, November the 3rd, 2018 (set-up from 9am to 10am).

What can we find in a DD ? You will find tables held by the artists themselves. At their tables, you will mainly find artworks and goodies and you will be able to do business directly with the artists. A lamination service with tip trunk is discussed right now.

It’s my first time as a dealer, how does it work ? You may attend to the DD room during the set-up times. There, you will be greeted by the con-ops who will guide you to your table after you signed the DD T&C. If you have questions, feel free to ask the DD staff members, we’re here to help.
Please Note : this year, all goods inside the DD must be SFW, no exceptions.

How to apply to FBL 2018 DD as a dealer ? It’s easy. Once you register for the FBL, please send an email to the address below with the following informations :
– Nickname
– Badge number
– Main goods
– Specific needs (power, wifi, reduced mobility)
– Do you wish to share your table with another dealer ? If you do, please tell us the nickname and badge number of this person, who must be registering/registered for the DD too.
Incomplete applications won’t be processed.
Mail : dealersden(at)fblacklight(dot)org

About the table sharing option : the DD room is of quite modest size and table sharing could allow some more fellow dealers to attend to the DD, though it’s absolutely not mandatory.

About table availability and attribution process : the room only allow a dozen dealers to expose at ease. Thus, seats are rare and will be given on a First Come First Served basis this year. We will try our best to please everyone and we hope succeeding doing so.

You can find the DD T&C here :
[DD T&C.]