A year for small changes

Thanks to you, the FBL grows a little more each year. The FBL has reached a step where we need to do some little changes to accommodate a better venue for all of you. Here are this year changes.

From now on, you will need to provide a valid ID to get your badge form the con-ops. It is impossible for us to know personally each one of you and we will now need to check your ID before giving you your badge. We will check with the data you provided in your registration form before handing out your badge, so please double check your personal data before attending. These IDs are accepted : national ID card, driving license (France only), national or European passport (foreign countries).
For 16-17 year olds, if your legal representative does not accompany you, you will also be asked to present the original of the liability waiver that you scanned to register. We take this opportunity to remind you that this liability waiver must be completed without modification so that it is valid and so that we can welcome you safely.

This year on, the Black Dance entry fee is included in the global FBL fee for everyone, even if this appear billed separately on your invoice (for accounting reasons). This decision will make life easier for you when you register and easier for us when preparing badges.

And finally, we want to remind you that, for safety reasons, you must wear your badge at any time
during the FBL if you want to attend events.